Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Franco's Big Year continues... The Cup, a G.F. berth for his filthy Pies, as well as for himself in the Drunk Finals. Is there no stopping this man?
It's happened before. Last year in fact, when Sammy, Franco's opponent this saturday as it happens, did the Trifecta with his cats winning the Granny, and Sammy winning the Cup and the GF. Tassy did likewise a few years back from memory.
That's Franco and Sammy morphing it out up there in the header

But let's not get ahead of ourselves the worst hasn't happened, yet.
Down further if you can be bothered there's more from the DrunkTank, and some highly infectious humour...

And just in case you'd forgotten we're only 2 days from the PunchDrunk Night of the Holy Grail. get excited.

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