Friday, April 9, 2010

And how would sir like his devastation this week...?

Total, and utterly beyond doubt? Or tantalisingly close to triumph, but failure nonetheless?
In a day when a one point loss is a victory of sorts, I guess the answer’s easy.
It could have been worse I guess. We could have beaten the Filth and I would have been off elsewhere, fattening myself on buns, chocolate and other lard products.
It would have been a nightmare to have missed it, I reckon I’ve been to 35 games in the past 3 seasons and had joy in about 5. As the Dalai keeps saying to me “You know Dick, that’s why God invented beer” To which I always reply “Do you Buddhist guys actually have a God?” and his response is always “Don’t get me started...”.
Well, it may not be funny repartee to the rest of you, but we roll around for hours, then get ourselves another Coopers. It always seems to be my shout, The Dalai fobs me off with promises of a world of beer in my next life. “What comes around...”
So anyway I watched the second half of the game from the comfort of the ladies lounge at the Daylesford Hotel and the Dees were playing a game I hadn’t seem them play for 3 and a half years. The bloke next to me told me it was called ‘football’.

GrandSunBall #1

It's back. That blast from the past, from when the Herald Sun was just 'The Sun'. From when interactive games involved a biro, an "X" and newsprint. All we need to do now is resurrect the Sporting Globe, Dyer 'ere and Heartbalm from the Truth and we'll all be OK.

Just email through the co-ordinates of where the ball's been cleverly removed from.

Celebrity Head 2: The Big One

In terms of names you don't get a whole heap bigger than these.
Footy Head 1: God - aka Gary Ablett
Footy Head 2: G.O.D. - aka Gary O'Donell
Holy Head: God - aka The Big Fella.

Nick: "Original god, god2- ablett, farmer."
2 Points

"Footy Head 1:GaryAblett
Footy Head 2:God
Holy Head :George Pell.
I hope I'm right or I'll tear up my left footer membership card."
2 Points

Nick - 3 Points
Harv - 2 Points
Phil VB - 1 Point

Drunk Housekeeping

Occasionally I realise there are some things I haven't pointed out. Here are some that have occured to me:
I had thought you didn't have to sign into this damn thing to simply comment on posts here, but seems they ask you all sorts of confusing questions if you're not. I think one option is commenting anonymously, so here's an idea: if you can't be fagged signing in, just do it anonymously and sign off with your name. Use someone else's name if you like.
The margin you're asked for while tipping is used as a tie-break. The smaller your total margin tally is at any stage during the year decides whether you sit above or below a Drunk on the same tipping score. We used to do it differently, with the Drunk with the most 8s taking the higher possie. But that was the good old days, this is now, it's not as good, but nothing ever is. Get used to it.
In the old days we had the Sidey, or, for a year, the Trobby, as the default score for un-entered tips. This amounted to the same score as whatever the lowest score picked by a fellow Drunk was. GONE. I liked it because it's cruel but appropriate punishment.
You can't be fagged tipping, you can get on the ferry to Hell as far as I'm concerned.
But no, the new way, same as last year, means you get as a default the away teams. This unfortunately means you can do better sometimes by not placing your tips. How is this fair?

Drunk on a ladder. Round 2.

Not a lot to comment on yet here.
Joffa seems to have put in a pre-season for the first time since signing to the Drunk, I think he's usually more accustomed to rolling around the bottom half from memory. As is his fellow Bluebagger, Taffa, who's tips in previous seasons have always struck me as being, well... (is this unkind?) a strange attempt at a dada-ist joke. But he took last year off, Nathan Ablett like, went to a retreat in the Himalayas and he's back with an unfamiliar clarity of thought.
Pat and Rob are both off to a flyer, and new boy Rich 'DickWad' Wade is up there waving it about, just like he does on the dance-floor.
Despair not though. You could throw a damp sweat-towel over about 30 of the rest of us as contenders for the 8. Heads up, get out there and get some on your boot.

League of Drunks

This is the last week before we take each other on like dogs in a pit, so enjoy the peace.
What we seem to have here is a re-run of last year, except we have some serious muscle imported in the very large shape of Dean Cox, who's way out there. Let's see how he handles the going when the going really gets going though. Shame for some he's not handling his game so well on the field...
Jim Richo's Cheeseboys are up there too, as they were at this stage last year. My Chimps are sitting just off the pace with Sammy's Cat Hybrid Experiment, all very Deja Vu.
The other pro's, Caro, Jono Brown and Big Bustling Bary are yet to fire a shot, but it's early days.
Be warned the Chimps are in team-building phase and are eyeing a back-to-back.