Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to the Idiocracy

I've got this great idea. Let's build a new utopian society.
Lets take all the greatest traits, current or historical from the vast pantheon of human endeavour. The greatest philosophies and achievements of mankind, of Earth, nay The Universe.
We could sample aspects of the Glories of Ancient Greece, Rome, take the best from The Renaissance, select elements from the Age of Enlightenment. Hell there may even be some positive bits we could copy from the Post-War USA.

Nah, I've got a better idea, let's look to Western Sydney for inspiration and direction.
Excuse me, what the fuck is going on in this country? Has anyone actually been to Western Sydney? Has anyone sampled the intellect out there? Has anyone FOUND any intellect out there?
It seems every thing these days is designed and made for these arseholes. These Ozzie Flag-Draped Bogan Racist quoits.

Socially we have 2 options, take these unfortunates and bring them up to our level, or Succumb to the Dumb and join them in society's gutter.
Politically, well pretty much we're doomed anyway, but PLEASE don't encourage these scum by sitting at their feet begging for their approval...
And now Footy is enlisting a bunch of thick-bodied, thick-headed, rugby-shaped chunks of thug to change our game to appeal to these cavemen (yes, even their women are cavemen). You mark my words, it'll end in tears for all of us and our beautiful game.

I have this other idea, lets bring in the Boat People these cro-mags fear so much and do some kind of prisoner exchange. Sweep the streets and suburbs west of Parramatta (and most of it to the east too for that matta) and pop those West Sydneyians on the boats and send them to Nauru. They'll probably like it, I think they play Rubgy League there and it's made of shit.

PunchDrink #2
It's been weeks since the last one, so this Thursday August 19th lets do it again, a wedgie before the final one.
The easiest thing is to do a re-run of the last one, The Union Club Hotel in Fitzroy at 7pm, but if anyone's got a seriously better idea pop us a line via email, or the Comments button down there. I will send a specific Drink email soon, but put it in your books.

Drunk on a ladder. Round 19.

Looking more and more like a battle of two tipping titans by the week. Young Brenton fell on his own sword somewhat this round, crucially and foolishly tipping with the heart in the Dees and Tiges game. Still close for the minor placings, but without looking at all the forthcoming fixtures, it could be a matter of waiting for one, or both Dickwad and Grant to stumble.
At the moment Dick's holding sway with a margin 90 points better than Grant, you'd think Grant would have to best him by one game to get over the top. Among other things, it's going to be interesting to see how the Tiges, Hawks, Hearts and Heads perform over the next 3 weeks.

Looking the Madness Chart, there's a lot of stability toward the top, 4 geezers who must have sudden self-belief in making the finals at least, and a few who would have some nagging self-doubt. You know who you are.

Calamity struck the Chimps last week. Why? I don't know. Maybe the Dog Flu from the kennel was released, ebola-like, through the boys, but they were all down and we got our lowest round of the year by a long way. Timing is all.

Catfish, frightfully unlucky to fail by a matter of points and be chucked out in the Sean Cox v Dean Cox battle. It's freaky what difference a single letter in your name can make to ones future.
Thankfully Benny killed off Caro to leave only 2 celeb tipsters in the comp.

Unsurprisingly Ian's Heylows didn't break through for their maiden victory to knock Craig's Drunks out. And Dirk's TigerBrats were good enough to see off his old buddy Kurtz' Multi-directional team.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walking like E-gypt-shans this week. Old Jackal head Anubis made an appearance, as did the Angry Ant, bomber Tony Antrobus, and just to round out another dubious bunch or connections that old ham Mark Jacko Jackson.
Makes sense to me.

Both Harv and Nick picked up perfect 3s, to maintain the exciting tussle at the top.

Taffa went for Des Tuddenham, and The evil Egyptian Dog Spirit, which is, I think you could say a disposal, but not an effective one. Surprising for such a literate chap.

3 rounds to go, even at the top. I don't know how anyone can sleep.