Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Crusade begins anew...

No doubt you're wondering where this theosophical theme comes from. Yeah, I'm a tad unsure. The result of soaring Saints and diabolical Demons? Far too many lifetimes spent suffering in Hell perhaps. God knows. Religion = footy = religion, just keep believing, praying and shunning doubt, everything will be alright. One day. Let's just say I had a momentary vision, it seemed like a good idea for about 30 minutes, and leave it at. Sorry to those who are allergic to blasphemy, I seem a bit immune.

We've survived Christmas, haven't yet been blown up in a jihadi attack and aren't likely to be knocking at the door of Nirvana any time soon, if it actually has a door (or even a doorway or walls for that matter). So lets take on another season of PunchDrunkish enlightenment.

Anyway, as the pope would say: 'Que sera, mea culpa, donde este el servicio. Dos cerveza por favor. Cave canem."
(I believe that means: "Whatever happens, it's my fault, where is the toilet. Two beers please. Savage dog." I never understand what that old kraut is banging on about)

You've no doubt noticed the Drunk blog is back.
Now look, I know you all hated it. I still don't quite understand why a PDF is apparently palatable to you while an online blog is such an abomination.
It's the same shit. Written in the same uninteresting, impenetrable hand.
The only thing I can think is that the PDFs were virtually rammed down your damn throats, while this is comfortably removed, and so easier to avoid... Well this must be a good thing then surely?

Save your complaints. This is easier for me by a Billy Brownless torpedo, so this is what you're getting. I'll try to do the odd expurgated, dumbed down, Gen Y version for those with no commitment, no interest and no concentration span and pop it into PDF format for you, but I'm not promising anything.
Christ, do you want me to do it in PowerFuckingPoint while I'm at it?
Maybe carve it into individual stone tablets and deliver them individually by donkey to your doors? Get out the palm fronds and get me a map to Damascus. FFS.

Anyway, as I say, a warm welcome back to you all. Let's make this one count.