Friday, August 6, 2010

Lots to say but no time to say it.

So I never followed through with the Head I promise you all last week.
There's disappointment in the Roy camp this week, and I have two topics I really want to let loose on this week but don't have time to do them justice.
Seems we're all about missed opportunity and non-delivery here at the Drunk lately.

One topic I wanted to open up this week was one close to my heart. The good ol' Dees.
An interesting thing occurred to me during the week, while the mutterings of 'tanking cheats' are starting to gain some traction. Let's for the moment put aside the whole question of Tankers: Yes or N0? Of course I put it down to team development taking precedence over a win that'll amout to little in the long-run, but I would wouldn't I?
Anyway that's not why I have you here.
I sat down down and worked out the nett result of our 'tanking' and came up with one name. Jack Trengove.
In '08 (when I don't think we were 'team developing' anyway) we were always going to finish last or second last. If we'd finished second last, every other team in the league finishing last would have picked Nic Nat (cos, as you geniuses keep telling us, Watts is a dud), so we still would have ended up with Jack Watts.
Last year, looking back at the results, yeah maybe the Tiges shouldn't have beaten us in R18, but given we beat Port, Freo and WC in the last 8 rounds, I reckon that's about the extent of it. SO, all right, maybe we should have finished 15th, not 16th, more importantly MAYBE we shouldn't have got the priority pick. Jack Trengove, let's say.

Well relax, we didn't need him anyway. Our miraculous turn around over the past few weeks, including that sensational win against the Swans were done sans Jack.

Thanks for your time ladies and germs, glad I've been able to put that scuttlebutt to bed.


Yes, I know it's my fault, but now the time has come to pay up your $60 each. Hopefully this year it's late enough I won't be able to spend it and have to scrounge up $2k from down the back of the couch again.
Bank details in the email.

PLUS I'm thirsty, how are you? Lets have another catch up on Thursday 19th August. Mark it down more details to come.

Drunk on a ladder. Round 18.

Dickwad holds the slimmest of leads going into the home straight. The Slleping Grant has awoken and seems determined to defend his title as only first year Drunk to win the thing.
God help the rest of us.
Busy. Gotta go.

Sadly I must report that Roy's basically... well... dead.

Either that or he's moved out of his little caravan of sticks and turned into a case butterfly, or whatever those things turn into.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last week, the final round before the Finals:
Roosters 2040 def JoelCoreyEnright 1981
Jono Brown proved himself the best of the Outsiders heading into the finals and won the thumb wrestle with Sammy by a mere 59 points.
Catfish 1950 def South West Norths 1572
Coxy's Catfish sent Kurtz' South West Norths in a spin and did enough to ensure a finals berth.
Big Bird 1944 def TigerBratwurst 1787
The other Coxy, Big Dean Cox's best was better than Dirk's wurst, and so he too nestles into a cosy finals berth.
The Ruddy Nightmares 1829 def Orange Thieves 1583
In the biggest game of the round Benny's dream comes true and Joffa's Oranges fall from the tree of life into the basket of despair, missing the finals, well the true finals, by not very much.
Grant's Pappags 1840 def Brenna's Brennas 1646, but both finished top 4, in the bottom half of the ladder. I don't mean to be disparaging but it's not the REAL deal is it? But there is life after round 18 for everyone.
Jim Cheese-whipped Caro's AoR, 2034 to 1673, to send her down, but not out. Top of the table finish to Jim's Cheesedale, 8th for Caro.
Barry's Bustlers 1498 def Heylow 1314
Battle of the Titans here. I reckon Ian saved his best til last, but it still wasn't quite enough to win a game.
Champanzees 1919 def Punchdrunk 1626
Not enough monkey business from my Chimps to leapfrog Cheesie for top spot, but enough for a top 4 and enough to relegate Craig's Drunks to the bottom half of the bottom half.

And here's how it works from here:
Everyone's still playing, just some people are playing for glory, others for... I dunno, sympathy? Not sure.
Depending where you finished: