Friday, April 23, 2010

Underbelly: Series 4- Scrum of the Earth...?

Another import from Dodgylands, north of the Murray, follows its natural course right down the toilet. First they gave us police corruption, a general lack of social graces and Sydney-centric everything. Finally, in an act not dissimilar to the early settlers disseminating Smallpox ridden blankets to the indigenes, they brought us the iniquitous and insidious purple curse, a transplanted disease if ever there was one.
And so the rise and demise of a game no-one asked for and its no-culture culture.

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about the Princes Park link, the link between the Carlton Crew and their Blue rorts and the Purple Plague and theirs. You'd think there must be numerous hidden panels and lots of places to secrete paperwork in that evil moral-graveyard.

On a more pleasant note, there was a minor PunchDrunk excursion to the G on sunday. A very pleasant afternoon was had by all, myself and 3 Drunk Tigers, Brenton, Dirk and DickWad. We all held onto a rope so we wouldn't get separated, enjoyed the beer queues and even watched some lovely footy.

Drunk on a Ladder Round 4

The ladder's starting to take a bit of shape this week. Personally I wish I was a bit higher in the shape.
Finally a clear leader this week... the boy from St. Brisvegas, Dave, hits the lead for I believe the first time, in his 3 or 4 year Drunk career, though he's always thereabouts.

Games Page:

Another GrandSunBall comp this week, as well as the regular Celebrity Head comp in the header. You know the drill, email me through the co-ordinates of the invisible ball.

Results also for last weeks head... a very loose link between the 3 heads, probably facial hair is the only thing when you think about it.

Your answers:
Nick: lethal, barassi, jezzalenko, however you spell that.
Harv: LeighMathews, RonBarassi, Saddam Hussein
Dirk: Ron Barassi, Leigh Mathews, Percy Jones
Taffa: They are all Leigh Mathews - it’s a trick head this week.

Fully confusing ladder this week. Simply the left hand side is the actual competition ladder (head to head), the right side shows total score and averages, but isn't ordered that way.
I won't run through the results this week, cos I don't have time, but being week one it's pretty easy to work out if you want to, and also of course for those in the comp, it's on the DT site.
All that matters is The Chimps beat Big Bustling's Boys. I'm living in fear.