Friday, June 18, 2010

Damn this deja voodoo.

I read a kids' book when I was a kid (not sure if that was just a coincidence) called A Wrinkle in Time. I remember reading it, don't remember a damn thing about it, I think it was pretty-much a Dr Who episode really, sans Billy Piper or that redhead chick, where the time/space continuum gets all confused and people wake next to dinosaurs or Napolean or somesuch.
Anyway it happened to me last weekend.
I was up at the country residence for the first time in ages, and just like last time I missed a local Dees game, for the first time in ages. We were playing the Pies, just like last time. This is where the screen goes a bit wobbly. Ended up watching the second half only, again (damn country TV guides). The Dees were looking like winning a game against the Pies they should have lost. Again. Then ended up losing a game they should have won, by about one umpiring decision. Just like last time. I blame the Queen.

Looking forward to what looks like being a good turn-up for the PunchDrink July 1.
I'm sure there'll be lots of controversial topics to discuss; do we really want our beautiful game blighted by Rugby League has-beens? Which Riewoldt is the real deal? Will the kid be born with tatts? Should we switch to a bottle of red yet? How many different types of animal are there in your Bogan Burger?

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 12.

Hmmm. OK still not time to panic, but Matt and Grant are starting to look pretty comfortable up there as they wander off into the distance holding hands. They do make a lovely couple.
The weeks Big Winners: Jesper and Bern with 7s and Tassy, back into the 8.

Good week for the Krauts, it seems, and Nick was the only one who picked up on his countryman, Herr Luther, in the meld with another couple of Marty's.
He gets 3/3 to move clear of Harv again.
Taffa had a go: Juddy, Sentata, Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe
As did Harv: Tom Harley? Tom Wills? Peter Everitt?

Roosters 2,006 def 1,116 Heylow
Jonathan Brown realised beating Ian's Heylows would take all his concentration so he didn't turn up to play for the Bears last week. Stuffed my score, bastard.
South West Norths 1,515 def by 1,532 punchdrunk
Fordy sailed close to the wind but snuck in against Kurtz' various compass points.
TigerBratwurst 1,723 def by 2,109 pappags
Dirk's Sausages not much chop against Grant's pappas, but I reckon after his real tigers smacked the Wet Toasters he couldn't give a brats.
TheRuddyNightmares 1,936 def by 2,190 Cheesedale
Benny's Nightmares turned into a bad cheese-dream against Richo's all-conquering Camemberts.
Brennas 1,999 def 1,980 Big Bird
The Brennas plucked a great win from the birds.
The AGE of REASON 1,913 def 1,773 Orange Thieves
Joffa's Orange Thieves were just fruit for Caro Wilson's sideboard this week.
Barry’s Bustlers 1,751 def by 2,203 JoelCoreyEnright
Barry's Bustlers were absolutely smacked by Sammy's JCE's in what may well be an all-time League of Drunks' record high score. I could check, and probably will one day.
Champanzees 2,077 def 1,966 catfish
Chimps:1 Fish:0

This week's more than a little up in the air due to the split round. Personally I'll have to wait til next weekend to know if more than half of my Chimps will even turn up.
Some good games too. Roosters v Cheesies, 1st v 3rd, Ruddies with a cahance for a big % boost deeper into the 8, Brennas v Catfish, both in borderline finals territory. JCEs and Caro, both looking at Joffa's top 4 spot. Joffa looking to cement it against the lowly, but dangerous B Hall, and the Chimps up against Big Cox's highly dangerous Birds. Pappags looking to send the SWNs outa town and climb into the 8.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010