Friday, May 21, 2010

Pies having a Jolly Ball

That headline is going nowhere. I had nothing to say so I thought I'd do what the Age does; think of a smart-arse pun-laden headline, then theme an article around it, whether it's relevant, misleading or not.
Then I just dropped the article.

Thankfully no self-indulgent rants this week. The game I watched last week isn't worth using up the ink in your computer screen, and otherwise nothing much to report. I gave all my coca-iiine away to some tall guy in an ugly purple and green jumper. I was considering coming out this week, but now I've changed my mind. And I have no interest this week in political diatribe. (All of these statements may, or may not be gospel).
The best thing is I have a week off as my Dees head to Darwin for their home game against a side who plays there a bit. There's not even any snow there, apparently. Go figure.

Oh, just one thing: Bugger Nelson Mandella, free Daniel Jackson.

Il Papa may be putting on his 'binoclular' disguise but couldn't sneak past some sharp-eyed Drunks. But only one picked the worst umpire to ever pull on a whistle.

Joff said: Gary Ablett, Tony Modra, Pope Jean Paul II for one point.

Harv: Scott McClaren, Daryl White & John Paul II. A perfect 3 points.

Nick: PJP. Pope John Paul, some long chin rapist, maybe mil Hanna. Michael Stipe doesn’t play afl does he? No idea. That's one point, but I'm seriously tempted to give him a point for McLaren, except technically he doesn't have a long chin.

No joy again in GrandSunBall, with no-one guessing the big bloke below was actually poo-ing out the ball.

Excitement in the playground this week. Harv draws level with Nick, as the only two kids to ever win the fun section of this comp eye each other off from either end of the sand-pit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 8.

It's a slippery-slide this thing. No sooner has Stan elbowed his way to an admittedly slim lead, than he's wound-up sitting in 8th. Similar stories with Rich Dickwad and Franco.

This, of course, is a good thing... for the comp. There's nothing in it, 2 points separating 1st from 26th. This time last year Fordy had just taken over from Stavros, the two of them about 5 games clear of everyone else. You may or may not remember Craig increased and held that lead right up til round 21...

The big winner this week was Phil VB, who pulled a 7 out, courtesy no doubt of his Eagles winning the worst game I've watched for a long time. The big losers, ironically, were last week's top 2 Stan and Franco who, along with Trobby, could only find 3s.
Taffa got a five.

Roosters 1,890 def The AGE of REASON 1,862
Jono Brown sneaks his chooks in against Caro in a close celebrity tussle.

South West Norths 1,838 def by Brennas 1,840
Brenna grabs a last gasp 2 point victory against Kurtz' gallant SWNs.

TigerBratwurst 1,517 def by Champanzees 2,072
Dirk's Sausage boys slipped on one of the Chimps Banana skins and fell flat.

TheRuddyNightmares 1,745 def Barry’s Bustlers 1,255
Benny continues Bazza's nightmares, at least he got amongst the goals on-field this week.

Punchdrunk 1,850 def by Big Bird 1,922
Fordy's Drunks were no match for Dean Cox's big boys.

Heylow 1,025 def by Orange Thieves 1,933
Ian's Heylows once again living up to their name, handing Joffa his half time oranges at the start of the game.

Cheesedale 1,960 def JoelCoreyEnright 1,913
Jim Richo's cheddars beats Sammy in the battle of the cats.

pappags 1,832 def by catfish 1,920
Coxy's Catfish are back in the swim this week, nudging Grants PappaGs outa the way.

This week:
Good percentage boosting weeks coming up for Jonathan Brown and Sammy's JCEs, a battle of the tigers with Brenna and Dirk facing off, Benny will try to reason with Caro and The Cheesies and Jaffas in the game of the round.
Roosters vs Barry’s Bustlers
South West Norths vs Champanzees
TigerBratwurst vs Brennas
TheRuddyNightmares vs The AGE of REASON
punchdrunk vs catfish
Heylow vs JoelCoreyEnright
Cheesedale vs Orange Thieves
pappags vs Big Bird