Friday, April 16, 2010

Just another week in footy heaven...

Busy week this week so this'll be short and sweet.

A girlishly excited evening last sunday. I've signed a pact this year that I'd go easy on all things Adelaide, so I'm limited in what I can report on Sunday's match, but I will say if they play all their games in the ugly negative way they played last week, thank god they're based 600k's away. I feel sorry for their fans... err.. what am I saying? No sympathy for those...
Enough said.

Anyway, an enjoyable game for Dees supporters after half time when we beat the flood and reduced their on-field numbers to about 10 men. Last week's CelebHead was almost prescient as Patrick Dangerfield's head very nearly became separated from his body.

Another tumultuous week, more appalling behaviour. Men behaving like outa control animals. And that was just in the Blazer Bar in the MCC....
Malthouse in trouble for saying what every 2nd opposition supporter's been yelling out for about 5 years.
Some virtually unknown Tiger gets rubbed out for losing a fight with a toilet in celebration of another fine performance and in the process becomes known. Cousins gets flushed for good measure.
Fev's been off the front page for about 8 days so, having seemingly signed up with Max Markson, puts his hand up for more inglory.

Big bottom-ish of the table tussle this week, and one of our Tiger 'Drunks is apparently off sounding-out new coaches already. He sent this sound bite through of his current front-runner.
This is really only a sound file, for some reason you can't upload a soundfile, so I had to make it into a 'movie', but there's nothing much to look at.... A warning though, depending on where you work, and who you live with, you may want to listen to this with caution.

No time for another GrandSunBall this week, but I've done a dead simple Celeb Head for you this week.

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 3

Every time I look at this ladder I think I've got it upside down, but no.
Taffa bursts to the lead. He's been calling himself Mr Margin for the past 2 weeks, he's so impressed with his margin-calling skills. He's going to be totally unbearable for the rest of the weekend, til things get sorted again.
Still not much in it from top to bottom.

Drunk Fun Page: The answers...

Two comps, 2 sets of answers:
Firstly Celebrity Head...

a bit of success this week, the usual Drunks putting their hands up:

Phil VB: Patrick Dangerfield/Patrick Ryder/St Patrick
Nick: Patrick Ryder - Essendon/Patrick Dangerfield - Adelaide/St Patrick - Ireland I think
Harv: St Nicholas/Nick Reiwoldt/Nick Carter
Coxy: Michael Long, B Goddard(StK), Daniel Defoe
Sammy: Paddy Ryder/Patrick Dangerfield/Nostradameus

The Answer: G10
Your answers:
Taffa: G8
Katee: B7
Coxy: C6
Harv: B6
Dick(Wad): E6
Nick: D6
VB: E7

Points from this round:
Nick: 3
Phil VB: 3
Sammy: 2

Nick: 6
VB: 4
Harv: 2
Sammy: 2

A bit of list-tweaking this week for 56% of all DreamTeam coaches as they off-load Nick the Golden Goose. Wasn't looking for unwanted trades, but a few other Geese out there.

Richo's Cheesies have dislodged Dean Cox's Birds this week.

This week is where it all begins in anger, in terms of the league Head to Heads anyway. The Eliminator thing, where you're pitted against an external coach and team and knocked out unless victorious starts next week I believe.

This week's battles:
Roosters vs South West Norths
TigerBratwurst vs TheRuddyNightmares
Brennas vs The AGE of REASON
Barry’s Bustlers vs Champanzees
punchdrunk vs Heylow
Cheesedale vs pappags
Orange Thieves vs Big Bird
catfish vs JoelCoreyEnright

My lucky old Chimps get to take on Big Bustling Barry's boys. He's just about due to go ape-shit on or off the field too.