Friday, June 4, 2010

No school girls, no rugby players, just God’s own game...

Busy as Bruce Lee this week so very scant offerings.

I think last week numbed us to controversy anyway, and while it's more than tempting to run a fetching shot, kindly donated through the 'Drunk network, of a girl dressed as a rabbit, I'll keep it to myself.
Big day at the G tomorrow, Sydney Phil's down from the Onion, Stav's turning up with several generations of Hurleys and Taffa's fronting too. Depending on the result, there's been talk of downing a few frothies, arming ourselves with some plastic cutlery, one of those big foam fingers with GOAL written on it and a couple of tie-pins and invading Israel. It's all the rage apparently.

Oh and I've run out of holiness for the moment, so it's a pure footy head this week.

Impromptu Headline comp results:

We were totally flooded with entries for last week's last minute Write the Missing Headline Comp.
All came from Taffa, the King of Pun, so he wins. No correspondence etc.
In reverse order, according our judging panel.



and the unanimous winner is (barely audible drum-roll):


Thanks to Taffa his prize: Untold Glory.

Another go at GrandSunBall this week....
Hopefully less devious than some previous.

Last week's head offering drew a couple of correct responses. I thought Danny Southern may have been the difficult piece of the puzzle, but obviously it was the Bagwan, sans Orange robes that was the curly one.

HARV: Danny Southern, Bruce Doull, Karl Marks
TAFFA had a stab, or two: Karl Marx, Carl Ditterich or could be Leo Tolstoy & Leo Barry
NICK went close, but needs to do some more homework on his gurus: Danny Southern, the bulldog of Islam, Bruce Doull, the flying persian carpet/doormat, Maharishi mahesh Yogi

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 10.

Pretty much more of the same this week, mainly treading water.
Big winners were Grant who grabbed a 6 and moved into second, or equal first, depending on how much you've been drinking, and happy tiger Dickwad, who likewise took half a dozen and moved back into the eight. Dirk was another evergreen Tiger who reaped the whirlwind, and Harv has finally started his run, both picked up sixes.
Taffa broke even with a 5.

No time to do more than pop the ladder up this week. You may think I'm just sulking cos the decimated Chimps were beaten by J Brown. You'd be right.
Richo's Cheesecubes are now the undisputed, undefeated leaders.