Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling a little shop-soiled today, so a total dearth of jokes or sensationalist crap this week.
Good to see a cosy bunch of Drunks last night at the Club. I didn't have the calculator out, but I reckon we had a turn up of around 13 or 14. Included in the celebrations was the blooding of two fresh faces, Stoddy and DickWad, welcome chaps.
New faces and a new place. Personally I reckon the new home ground passed with flying colours; open fire places, pork belly and enough room to have a decent kick to kick if anyone had thought to bring a footy.

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 13.

It's starting to look like the field's settling a bit, the top 6 all stayed right where they were this week, the bottom few are looking pretty, well, bottomish, and the middle are jumping round all over the place. I reckon that's enough expert analysis for this week....

Seriously, I don't reckon they come much easier than this...
Taffa said A4, Bern went for B4. Answer: B3.

We fared somewhat better here though with both Harv and Nick correctly identifying a couple of demons and a serious god-loving psycho.

And so Nick and Harv extend their lead over the field...

A very long round finished as a big even-up session last week. Top two, the erstwhile unbeaten Cheesies and the Chimps were both beaten by professional ring-ins, Jonathan Brown and Big Dean Cox's Big Birds. So the Birds leap-frog the Chimps and Sammys' JCEs and Benny's very aptly named Ruddy Nightmares had wins to push their claims.

Roosters 1,814 def 1,763 Cheesedale
South West Norths 1,404 def by 1,662 pappags
TigerBratwurst 1,453 def 1,159 punchdrunk
TheRuddyNightmares 1,668 def 1,226 Heylow
Brennas 1,842 def by 1,857 catfish
The AGE of REASON 1,862 def by 2,011 JoelCoreyEnright
Barry’s Bustlers 1,729 def 1,705 Orange Thieves
Champanzees 1,844 def by 1,981 Big Bird

Another elongated round this weekend, and it seems to be a time where heroes are replaced by zeros, big games this round include the Roosters hoping to smear pappags and leap to the top; Cheesies looking to push further ahead against Kurtz Sou'WestNorths, who seem to be losing their direction; Tigerbrats slugging it out with Ians happless Heylows in an exciting bottom of the table battle; Ruddy's trying to improve a poor week against the proppy Punchdrunk; the Brennas starting to look a little vulnerable will throw everything they can against form side the JCEs; Catfish v Caro's AoR's looks like a crucial top 8 decider; Bazza's Bashers fresh from an upset win against the Jaffas take on the Birds; Chimps v Oranges in an even tussle, each trying to stay in touch with the top 4. The Zees are seriously under-chimped at the moment, running a few Chimpanzeros, so sadly expecting a second loss in as many weeks.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010