Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'll probably pop some more up later in the week, but this is the admin duties done.
Here's who needs to do what this week, and one more FINAL final Head to try to break the deadlock.
I've been out in the garden last weekend digging up the PunchDrunk Time Capsule from under the azaleas so I hope to find time to start drip-feeding that in relevant categories as they come up.
Also had some contributions from various Drunks over the past week or so, hope to get some of that up
And I've had a delve through the PD archives and come up with a fair bit of hidden gold. Keep your eyes out for some interesting pics from the past. Some bad hair. Some hair were there now is none.
Finally, we have about half of the PunchDrunk millions in, so half of you will get a knock on the door around 2am one night this week from a large angry man wearing a stocking. Or if that doesn't work, an email from me.

And don't forget the Final PunchDrink & Prizegiving,
Thursday 23rd Sept. Details next week.

Here are the games and the combatants this week.
Sadly Bern and I were bundled out last week. Kurtz got me with some clever psychological by-play and Bernardo simply failed to deliver against Matt. Matt's in but his dirty Blues are out, Bern's out but his saints are well in. Funny how life's like that sometimes.
Franco and Sammy have earned a week on the golf course while the other 4 sweat it out again this week. Here the grisly details of last weekend.

Overall here's the lie of the land....

I thought this one may have been a good'un. Nicely themed, well resolved, just hard enough.
Too hard it seems.
I'd mainly hoped to get a winner so we could stop this farce. But no, so one more absolute FINAL HEAD this week. If it's a tie, it's a tie.

You see, they're all Rivers...
Both Nick and Harv got Nile, I'd thought it might be gettable from there.
Harv got on the Freds, rather than water sources: Fred Nile, Fred Swift, Fred Fanning.
Nick's too busy being a pitch-bitch to give it much thought, but at least got Fred.