Friday, July 23, 2010

Thought of the week: Vale Aker. The man with the ugliest legs in footy since Brad Hardy. Shoulda been put back in the toolshed a couple of years back really I reckon.

I finally got around to setting up the psychic experiment with Roy the case moth yesterday.
I located Roy in a nice quiet spot round the side of the house, stuck up little flags with the opposing team names to his left and right and sat back in my observation hide. After 10 minutes of non-activity I got cold and went inside, figuring case moths probably prefer to do their psychic work alone and unobserved (well otherwise they probably would walk around wearing those funny little cocoons).
I'm chomping at the bit to head home after work to see what Roy reckons. I'll let you know next week.

Drunk on a ladder. Round 16.

No time for the wiggly one this week.
No time, no love and no interest to be honest. That shitful round last week has seen me off once and for all. Thank God there's DreamTeam to maintain the love.
Brenton and Dickwad still forging their way, Grant's taken a slight stumble, and Coxy pops up to make it 3 Tigers in the top 8.

Highly dubious links this week. But I never promised there'd actually be links at all so I guess that's a bonus.
There's a very loose 'sahara' theme here if you really look hard for it.

Harv: Majak Daw, David Zaharakis, Aum Shinrikyo (I'll give him that last one. Aum Shinrikyo is the loony sect Asahar set up to kill the whole of Tokyo via Sarin gas in the subway).
Nick: Majak Dawe, Shoko Asahara..... still waiting.
Taffa: shoko asahara, jonathan brown, hemingway.
Joffa: Hmm, Nup, Genghis Khan.

Big week last week, the Chimps overcame the rampant Cheesies, thanks mainly to a less than impressive showing by the very many Cats clogging the Cheese list. But Richo's still sitting atop the ladder.
Sean's Catfish made life tenuous for Benny's Nightmares with 2 rounds to go before the finals. The Birds put The Roosters back in the henhouse, otherwise things probably went fairly predictably.
This week? Glad you asked... The biggies:
Catfish v Roosters. Sean could finish top 4 or out of the 8 altogether. J Brown just needs this to finish top 4.
Ruddy Nightmares v Big Bird. Benny's on shakey ground so needs to pluck a win against the Bird.
Orange Thieves v TigerBrats. Dirks going nowhere, but Joffas boys are still in the hunt for that elusive 8th spot, but need to keep winning and have things fall right elsewhere.
Age of Reason v Pappags. You wouldn't reckon Grant could go through, but he can fuck up Caro's top 4 chances, which is something at least.