Friday, June 25, 2010


Split Round + World Cup = Week off.

It's been interesting watching over the past week or so how the rest of the world lives.
I reckon FIFA almost makes the AFL look well-run.

I thought our umps were total crap til I saw these ref clowns... how many games have been totally derailed due to some slickback-hair sonamabitch wanting to get his plucked eyebrowed face on telly in front of 64 billion viewers? Making a freakin arse of himself too. Even Scott McLaren would pull 'em up and tell 'em "It's not about YOU, sunshine."

And who decided the World Cup was a good time to trial a new ball? (Trial, that is, unless you include the 4 months or so it's been used in the Bundesliga, giving the krauts a chance to well and truly learn it's nuances in time to smack the hapless 'Roos).

And don't even get me started on the diving drama queens. Good to see the Iti's get their come-uppances this year at least.

Apart from that they could be onto a winner...

No new Celeb Head this week, last week's results next week. The limited edition themed art-piece serving as our header this week is pure decoration, but we do have a special World Cup GrandSunBall this week. No-ones cracked a GSB yer this year so I thought if I simplified the action, reduced the grid and increased everything else, we just may get lucky.