Friday, July 30, 2010

As you'll notice from the shot below, Roy is half way between the Saints and Hawks flags, meaning he's gone for the draw in game 1 last week.
I think you'll agree this is absolute evidence that a case moth is every bit as intelligent, prescient and farkin brainy as your average octopus, and far more so that humankind.

The fact that he's picked draws in the other 7 games as well, may seem to run counter to this belief, but to be honest I think he just got tired, and considered his work done after friday night's effort.
Bearing this in mind I've decided to reduce the scale of his playing field this week so he doesn't have to walk so far. Also in case English is not his native tongue, I've decided to go pictorial this week too.
Report next week.

All Double M's this week, a little bit of magic thrown in and a dodgy Blues player also.
Only Drunk to put up his hand this week was Harv who said:

Footy Head 1: Michael MacLean
Footy Head 2: TonyLiberatore
Holy Head: Mary MacKillop

SO we're all tied up at the top.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drunk on a ladder. Round 17.


It's starting to look a little bothersome here. We have a new front-runner this week, and not only that but he's a serious chance to take the silverware in his very first season. I can't remember when, or if, that's happened, but I think Grant may have done it sometime late last century. Welcome to the hot-seat Dickwad, Brenton was just telling me last week he was starting to feel the heat, now it's your turn.

If you look at those fat lines up there the 8 is looking fairly settled-ish.
Personally, this pisses me off no end. I wanna be a part of the finals action. I need to be part of it.

Roosters 1,884 def 1,742 catfish - Jono Brown cleans the fish and makes Coxy's finals campaign look a little doubtful.
South West Norths 1,580 def by 1,934 JoelCoreyEnright - The Sou'Wes'Northerners just couldn't get on the map against Sammy's JCEs, and sitting 15th on 8 pts, you gotta think Kurtz' boy just won't quite get there.
TigerBratwurst 1,500 def by 1,860 Orange Thieves - Joffas fruity boys peeled Dirk's snags to keep the dream alive. The TigerBrats, I'm sorry to say, are goooorn.
TheRuddyNightmares 1,941 def 1,898 Big Bird. Benny gave Dean Cox a Ruddy Nightmare similar to Julia's this week. Verrrry interesting week this week.
Brennas 1,536 def by 1,880 Cheesedale. The Brennas got lost on the way to Cheesetown, which hard to do cos it's a really stinky place. Best Brenton hope for is top 4 in the bottom half.
The AGE of REASON 1,780 def 1,707 pappags. Caro keeps punching above her weight, and takes out another higher scorer than herself. Grant's G's are officially outa the real finals race.
Barry’s Bustlers 1,668 def by 1,796 punchdrunk. Craig smacks Bazza in the chops, but it doesn't really matter.
Champanzees 2,027 def 1,057 Heylow. The Chimps finally get a percentage leg-up courtesy of Ian's Low-lifers.

We enter the LAST round before the finals this week so make it count.
The Top 4 is all but settled, unless Caro has an unlikely win against Mr Cheese and Sammy seriously drops his bundle.
The battle for the last 3 spots is ON though, 4 into 3 spots doesn't fit so well...

Roosters v JoelCoreyEnrights. A battle of 3rd v 4th. What a doozy.
South West Norths v Catfish. Coxy's gotta win this one and give his % a bit of a hand as well if poss. You'd think he a damn good chance.
TigerBratwust v Big Bird. The Bird is another one going for one of those elusive spots 6 - 8. I'd back him in from here, because...
The Ruddys and The Orange Thieves are both also after the same spot, only one can take it. If the Catfish lose their match it'll come down to percentage. Isn't life exciting?

The other results don't amount to a hill of beans.....