Friday, June 11, 2010

Halfway in... halfway out...

It's the halfway mark of the season, which means, I think, it's 2 weeks before the official mid-year break.
We may as well make it 2 weeks before the first (pre-season) PunchDrink too. It's not like me to let a drink slip, and I apologise from the depth of my soul for the transgression. Let's stick a stake in the ground and make a date for Thursday June 24. I'll follow up with more details soon, but pop the date in your diary.
Good to catch up with Sydney Phil, Stav and, fleetingly, Taffa at the G for the Dees v Blues game last saturday. The game was crap but it mattered little. Last time I remember being at the
ball with Stav it was at VFL Park, a Dees v Saints game, another crap game. I recall Steve turning to me and saying "We're not looking that the Premiers here, Dick". He was right.
Unfortunately he's still right. That's about 15 years of right, which a hell of a lot of right.

Ended up featuring some of the young rutting bucks of the league in last week's Head. Other than that there's absolutely, officially, no connection that anyone could possibly think of between these players so don't set your damn lawyers on me.
Holiness? Maybe the Holy Trinity. Rumour is that the two Saints boys are tossing up for the roles of Son and Holy Ghost, with the tattoo'd one's role already decided.

HARV:Dayne Beams, David Armitage, Jason Gram
GrandSunBall co-ordinates:F3

TAFFA: Brett Thornton?

Sad times when there's only one attempt at GrandSunBall... But it does mean we have a shared lead again overall, with Harv joining Nick on 16.

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 12.

Been doing a bit of Stat Work this week to celebrate getting half way though.
I thought I'd compare the shape of last year with this year. Also as a filip to Phillip who's currently languishing at the bottom, to show life's not over at R11. Quite similar totals, until you get toward the top end where last year's crteam was somewhat creamier than this year's.

Interestingly last year's winner, Sammy, was sitting in fourth and 3 points behind then leader Fordy. This year he's sitting fourth again and 2 points behind. Deja vu?
The geezer who came in second was sitting 14th and 7 points behind, then came from the clouds. This year he's sitting 12th and only points 3 behind, and I can tell you he fully intends to go one better this year than last.
I think Matt took over the lead at the same point that Fordy did last year, so it follows he'll hold his lead all the way til round 21, then come third.

Here's the wiggly thing, to make your eyes go ga-ga.

Well I just wish I had some time to gloat about the Chimps HUGE win over Sammy's JCE's, but I don't, so you miss out.
But those bloody Cheesies are still the only undefeated team. Bastards.
Don't know who's playing this week, and can't remember if there was any other fascination last week, sorry.