Friday, April 30, 2010

A week's a century in footy

Last week the Saints were flag favourites, the Bears were unbeatable, the Cats were the mean-machine, the Dees were gallant triers.

Well it's all changed now. No-one wants to back the Saints, the Bears are GONE, both one-man teams apparently, and I've heard folk reluctantly admitting the Cats will PROBABLY just get up against the Toiges.
And as for the Dees, well apparently they've commissioned not one, but 4 new glass cabinets down at wherever our HQ is this week, Back to back to back to back flags. I'm firm in the trouser just thinking about it.

I don't know who brought the gold tops along but just settle down willya? It's all just swings and round-abouts and little kiddies vomit everywhere.
Footy is the great leveler. I know, I've been leveled my whole freakin life.
Expect normal transmission to resume straight after this break......


She Are the Champion
Some people are born champions, some achieve champion-ness, other have it thrust upon them. Some even marry into it.
It's not quite new news anymore, but fresh from Mooning the Honey is our very own Leah Champion, nee Trotter, who has done just that. She's a Cat, shiny-new hubby Trent's a Hawk, and between them they managed to be OS for the past 3 years while their respective teams were doing it over here.
Congrats to you both from all at Drunkland.

They were the champions
Editorial staff at the Drunk, who shall remain unnamed, neglected to point out, congratulate and promise bestowal of $15 each to both Brissy Dave, and Caringbush Matt for their outstanding tipping last week in picking up 8s.
The cheque's in the mail boys.

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 5.

No-one can explain to me what happened last week. Let's face it, it was all good except from a tipping perspective.
I dunno, first Taffa spends some time in the Drunk Treetops then this. The world really is going crazy. Anyway Dave's still out front, Brenton scored BIG with a 5 this week, otherwise..... Nothing but 4's, except Sydney Phil.

Kids' Fun Page. All the answers....

Such a dubious theme here, that even Drunks who picked up one of the heads didn't pick on the incredibly obvious link you now ALL see, as you sit there slapping your foreheads and say "But of course. How did I miss that?"
Verdun, Virgin and Vernon....
Not that familiar myself with Dick Vernon, captained Boulder City in 1906, moved to the Pies in '09 and kicked a goal in the Filth's 1910 premiership. Now we all know.

Tin Tin, Rose Byrne, Teddy Whitten circa 1914
GrandSunBall Co-ordinates: F5

VerdunHowell, NedKelly, Buddah
GrandSunBall Co-ordinates:D6

Holy Head : Virgin Mary
GrandSunBall Co-ordinates: B6

Plays for Carlton/Essendon, Meagan Fox, Verdun Howell
GrandSunBall Co-ordinates: D7

Once again no-one nailed this lovely old clipping from the VFA sometime around... waddya reckon '26?

Running late again so not too much blather this week again.
The leads been pinched by a ring-in of sorts. Benny. Remembered to enter the DreamTeam. Invited, but neglected to enter PunchDrunk proper. Obviously has a fear of prize-money.

Good to see 3 amateurs at least edging out the first Pro football DTer, in Jonathan Brown.

The Cheesies still way out ahead in terms of game scores.

I'll try to get to a more complete wrap for next week.