Friday, August 27, 2010

Drunk on a ladder. Round 21.

Holy FREAKIN fre-jole... Too close to call here too!
Well looky here. One round to go. THREE Drunks locked together on 114 (last years champ, Sammy, the winner from '07 Franco and new boy Dickwad). Looks like a well-hung parliament of Drunks. Of course Sammy has the benefit of a much lower margin total than the other two, 71 points over Franco and 123 over Rich. I can't see that being turned around this week so they'll have to overhaul him with an extra win.
One point behind these three is Grant, another former winner, and a further point behind is Matt. In the event of a huge upheaval, one point further back, your's truly, Coxy and Bernie may not be too far off, and make up the 8 on 111.
It looks like it may all come to margin difference....

This time last year Sammy sat third and jumped both myself, in second, and the very long-term leader Craig to snatch it in the final round.
Hold my hand darling and let's take a walk down Memory Lane...
And here's the current Eye-Chart.

Good luck to all. May the Most Drunk Win.


A small but chummy turn-up for last week's drink. A little like the crowd at a Port Adelaide or North Melbourne home game, except we weren't surrounded by ass-holes.
And I know we've just put one out, but we have a date for the Big PunchDrunk Night of Dreams Presentation and Pie Night. Nothing but the date yet, but put this in your Filofaxes: Thursday 23rd September. That's the Thursday before the Granny.

It's coming in, dribbling like your grandpa when you feed him his mushed liver and peas, but still some more to come in.
I'll be nagging those who haven't, til they have, on a weekly basis.

It seems everyone's been holding their breath in excitement at the deadlock in Celebrity Head. I thought everyone had turned blue and passed out, but at the death we have some late postal votes and votes from some outer booths trickling in...

Nick's just bobbed up with Mark Ricciuto
Harv said: Mark Ricciuto, Dean Soloman and St Frank Thring.

So that's one each for our leaders. Yet another deadlock here

The notion of Australia's first saint, Frank Thring and Celebrity Head terrify me somewhat, but oddly seem to go together like hand in leather glove.

This week's Head is the last one, so make it count.

Sadly, nothing really matters here any more.
Somehow we all managed to contrive a Grand Final play-off between two outsiders, high profile outsiders to be sure, but definite ring-ins.
So Dean Cox's Big Birds go at Jonathan Brown's Roosters. Who cares?
I nominate Jim Richo's Cheesedales as Domestic Champions, edging out the Chimps in taking out the minor premiership, scoring the highest no of points througout the season and finishing next best in the finals to this stage.

Still life here though. Given the dire situation in the top half I won't poop on the party and point out that Dirk and Grant are battling out a grand Final for 9th and 10th. At least they are One Of Us.
Go on boys, make us proud.