Friday, May 28, 2010

Get off the Saints back.
Yes, I know, as a group it seems they have some uncontrollable behavioural issues. Shut your eyes, think of the Saints and you'll doubtless conjure up childhood memories of your auntie's oversexed chihuahua humping your leg or maybe an over-excited slavering great dane, lipstick dangling horse-like and dangerous... or am I the only one?
Anyway, they're a bunch of busy boys, with limited time on their hands, and hats off to whoever it was in their brains-trust who came up with the notion of combining AusKick with Speed-Dating.
And seriously, pick out the non sequitur here: Pregnant teenager, Frankston, Surprise.

Success in variable lumps this week for Head Fanciers.
Just like in Rusty's Robin Hood, Evil King John, played by Nick, realising his usurper's crown was in jeopardy increases his deviousness, as rightful liege King Richard (played heroically by former champ Harv) looks to end his self-imposed exile at the Crusades and return to reclaim his mantle. (Of course the fact the Richard I was born, lived and died in France, only spoke French and spent his life slaughtering innocent mohammedans are all as irrelevant here as they are to the whole Robin Hood fable, so let's not get bogged down in truth).

NICK: Rasputin (crazy eyed Russian healer), Mark Jamar (the Russian), Alex jezaulenko (Ukrainian born in Austria, get your national facts straight
JOFF: Cam Mooney, Corey McKernan, Charles Manson
TAFFA: Rasputin & maybe a Hannibal Lecter??? also Daniel Craig - james bond
HARV: Ben Hudson, and as this is a beary one I’ll say Michael Tuck. Rasputin

Nick rightly points out that Jezza was not Russian, which I knew, but as I said to him as a good Aussie I get bonus points for wearing my cultural ignorance on my sleeve. To us Ukrainiopolous is in Russialand. On top of that Jamar's a Dutchie, and Ra Ra's from Siberia, and God only knows if that's Russian or just another independent former USSR component state. And frankly no-one cares about that shit but Georgia, and she's a slut.

No time for anther GrandSunBall again this week.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drunk on a Ladder. Round 9.

Well that was a bunch of crap eh?
Results were all over the place like monkey jizz this week. Some sliders, some crawlers, but end result: Matt's cleared his way to a solitary lead. Grant was the big winner of the week with 6, to move into the 8.
Taffa got a 4.
No time this week for the wiggly chart.

I thought last round was a bit of a disaster to be honest, crap tips, crap DreamTeam performance. All but 3 of my Chimps came in well below their average score, Tadgh got a zero (no emergencies this year for those zeros who actually take the field).
Oh yes, the Chimps got up, but bad, bad, bad, the only way is up.

Then I took a look at this weeks team selections...
- half my mid-field's been rested by the Dees in one hit. One more is injured.
- 3 backs are out, 2 injured, one dropped back to the Rookie List, FFS....

Then to make matters worse we're up against Jonathans Brown's damn Rooster Chooks, the very man who sabotaged my game plan last week, by scoring a meagre 34 odd.

Looks like at least 3 lean weeks for last years Champ Chimps, and maybe the whole season shot.

Last Round:
Roosters 1,731 def by Barry’s Bustlers 1,869
South West Norths 1,690 def by Champanzees 1,771
TigerBratwurst 1,503 def by Brennas 1,640
TheRuddyNightmares 1,667 def by The AGE of REASON 1,764
punchdrunk 1,612 def by catfish 1,763
Heylow 1,170 def by JoelCoreyEnright 1,794
Cheesedale 1,842 def Orange Thieves 1,650
pappags 2,039 def Big Bird 1,871

This round:
Roosters vs Champanzees
South West Norths vs Barry’s Bustlers
TigerBratwurst vs The AGE of REASON
TheRuddyNightmares vs Brennas
punchdrunk vs JoelCoreyEnright
Heylow vs catfish
Cheesedale vs Big Bird
pappags vs Orange Thieves